Държавна агенция за метрологичен и технически надзор

SAMTS experts exchanged good practices with colleagues from Slovenia, Poland, Malta and Austria

Experts of State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance had the opportunity to share experience, skills and good practices with colleagues from Slovenia, Poland, Malta and Austria. This exchange was possible thanks to the European Commission's “Exchange of officials 2017” program. 31 experts and inspectors in total working at five national authorities of EU member states - Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, Malta and Austria participated directly and actively in the “Exchange of officials 2017” program. The experts’ cooperation and joint work is a prerequisite for achieving a synergy effect at European level.

Еight experts of DG Market Surveillance participated in the program’s activities in line with the objectives and activities of the DG MS included in SAMTS Action plan 2017. The experts had the opportunity to work together with their MS colleagues at the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority and at the Department Consumer Policy Unit III/2 – Product Safety of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection. DG Market Surveillance provided information about its activities on the Program’s website defining the areas in which the SAMTS’s officials work and it offers to host visits of experts of other EU Member States’ control authorities to SAMTS.

Officials from Poland, Slovenia and Malta had been approved and they worked together with DG MS’s staff in September 2017 in Bulgaria. Four officials from Slovenia and three officials from Poland visited the North Eastern Regional Department in Varna. Together with Bulgarian experts and inspectors from the regional departments of DG MS, the inspectors of Polish and Slovenian authorities were acquainted with our market surveillance activities, the cooperation and partnership with Bulgarian Customs Agency and Commission for Consumer Protection, the cooperation with Bulgarian notified bodies as well as with the administrative procedures organization within GD MS. A visit of officials from Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority is scheduled for the third week of January 2018 in Sofia.

The European Commission's "Consumer Program" 2014-2020 is oriented to effective and efficient consumer support for lifetime by:

  • ensuring safety of the products and services provided, by informing and educating the consumers;
  • strengthening their rights and ensuring access to justice and legal remedies;
  • ensuring enforcement of the consumer protection legislation.

The sharing of best practices and knowledge among the national control authorities’ officers is regulated in the annual programs "Exchange of Officials" administered by the European Commission's Executive Agency for Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food (CHAFEA).

The foreseen period for officials’ participation in "Exchange of Officials 2017" program is 15th of March 2017 – 30th of January 2018.